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We specialize in engineered graphics and textiles for the fashion, home, sleep apparel, active wear, and athleisure markets. With experience in pattern making, specs, and grading and as part of the engineered process, our team can utilize your existing garment patterns or can furthermore create and digitize them for you. 
We develop original art or work with your existing inspiration. Wether you are seeking designs for bedding, kitchen, leggings, or accessories to name a few, our artists can sketch, paint, illustrate, or CAD to suit your project. While highly creative, our focus and knowledge on the production process will therefore ensure that you receive technical mill ready art.  
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As the cornerstone of your brand, your logo fulfills the most important visual role. It’s the official face of your brand and a powerful way to communicate who you are to your customers and competition.  Your logo is the strongest and stickiest representation the public will have with your brand. 
Designing professional presentation tools such as look book, promotional mailers, sales brochures and digital banner convey your sense of professionalism and therefore help reinforce the core values of your company.  We can furthermore reposition your company’s visual language to elevate your online / offline presence and consequently communicate a modern, compelling, and reenergized message. 


Deciding on the visual language of your website is a vital element in customer engagement, retention and conversion.

Due to the exploding demand for digital assets, we offer digital solutions such as image manipulation and photo mapping that will help minimize your photography and travel expenses.  We can also develop new graphics and color palettes that will refresh and consequentely reposition your brand’s virtual presence.

We have worked continuously with Philippe & Marielena for the past 20 years, and their work ethic is exceptional.  They completely immerse themselves into the project they are working on and the end result is always compelling.

Linda Rae Tepper, NICK & NORA, Creative Director

Taktile Design Studio was instrumental in designing all aspects of a website and mailer for a political campaign.  The team at Taktile was always responsive to all requests and timely provided all designs, layouts and product needs.

Joshua Raymond , N.C Mayor

We decided to go fwd with a complete re-brand, Right down to the color palette and marketing strategy. Some of the direction was clear while other details needing figuring out. Taktile Design Studio made the whole process seamless and removed complications by plugging themselves into the roots of our company. They took the time to understand our long explanations and convert them into a usable vernacular. Having access to the founders was a unique experience. They were invested just like we were….Taktile offered our projects a genuine depth and diversity [often] not seen in the crowded graphic design space. Professionals, managing the detail professionally.

Peter Toriello

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